Siohvaughn Wade

*Dwyane Wade’s wife Siohvaughn is back in the news. This time it’s because she’s been taken into custody by authorities after missing a mandatory hearing yesterday regarding the messy and very public divorce proceedings the two are involved in.

Siohvaughn Wade was taken into custody this morning by the Cook County Sheriffs Dept. when she showed up to court in Chicago. Yesterday, the court issued a body attachment order asking police to track her down, reports TMZ.

Today, Siohvaughn’s attorney filed papers claiming that she — the attorney — was involved in a car accident yesterday, and asked that the body attachment order be rescinded citing the accident as the reason why Siohvaughn was a no-show.

Unfortunately for Siohvaughn it didn’t work; the judge wasn’t havin’ it. She ended up being taken into custody anyway.

Apparently Mrs. Wade knew the car accident excuse was kind of weak and probably wouldn’t work. She apparently hedged her bet and showed up with $10,000 in bail money. She was released after about an hour.