*After the tragic death of Gang Starr rapper, Guru, controversy surrounding his friend and business partner, Solar, began brewing. DJ Premier publically ridiculed Solar for restricting access to dying Guru. Fans even voiced their disgust and launched the website F—

Though the rapper claims he was acting in Guru’s best interest, critics are still fishing for answers. This past weekend, a hacker got a hold of Solar’s email and Twitter accounts and broadcasted a series of personal messages from his archives.

Alleged emails between Solar and his PR company were published as well.

“Well, the farewell letter is obviously fake as you can see in the
leaked emails, there are different drafts of that letter,” the hacker wrote.

Also, in another email, Solar supposedly asks his representative to eliminate some words and any mention of the word “surgery” and requests from the Elam (Guru’s) family in the letter.

Over a six hour period, the hacker posted Solar’s private emails and information from his accounts, sorting through 800 emails.

“Solar did control Guru’s Mail, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace,” the hacker wrote. “And for the record: Guru wanted to leave 7 Grand and Solar.” “Guru begged Solar to get the operation done, but Solar wanted to tour in Europe … When Guru died, no grief whatsoever in his emails!” the hacker wrote. “Just business as usual as you can see in the mails I leaked.”