*The futuristic designs offer the art-appreciative buyer options for furniture, jewelry and collectible toys.  The MESU 360 pieces are hand-made out of high value material and display the MESU 360 logo.  

The first piece from the furniture line is a branded, chrome bookshelf. The jewelry collection offers colorful rings, pins and charms.

The collectible toys are weighted pieces covered in white gold, diamonds and precious stones.  

The MESU 360 line will make its debut in galleries in Miami, Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles this summer/fall.  “We are truly excited for the world to see what MESU 360 is all about.

“We want our pieces to be known for uniqueness and quality; and I think we are off to a great start,” says Geofran Carrington, designer for MESU 360.  MESU 360 is set to release more designs this summer and will offer various products for a diverse clientele.

The entire MESU 360 line is made to order and available to view at www.mesu360.com.

Keisha Pickett