Mystikal & Lloyd

*Yes, you read that headline correctly. After six-years in prison, Dirty South hype rapper Mystikal is making a come back with a newly released single with singer Lloyd called “Set Me Free.” (Scroll down to watch the video.)

The video hit the Internet over the weekend, while the song has yet to hit radio waves. It’s a New Orleans treat.

“The stars are aligning in 2010. It’s a year of new beginnings… him being released from prison, me getting free from The Inc.,” Lloyd told MTV. “The N.O. is gonna love me for this one. It is the first of many (singles). Since the album won’t be coming out until later this year, that’s more than enough time to get many songs out. We’re gonna start hitting them pretty hard.”

The track captures the artists in New Orleans, surrounded by local folks showing love and support.

“The track has the ‘second line’/brass band sounds that you can only get back home in New Orleans,” Lloyd explained. “I never made a song that repped for my birth city, and when I wrote the record I had only one person in mind. I wanted to make it authentic, so I went back home during Mardi Gras. Me and Mystikal got in the studio, and we knocked it out. The energy was crazy! And as you can see, he hasn’t lost a step. Wild Wayne of Q93 [in] New Orleans and Great Street of V103 [in] Atlanta help bring the collaboration together. It was a blessing to work with a legend that I’ve admired for years.”