*Ne-Yo has announced that his forthcoming album will be titled “Libra Scale,” and will be preceded with the Stargate-produced first single “Beautiful Monster,” which debuted today on the singer’s Myspace page.

The artist recently discussed plans to turn his new CD into a movie, explaining the first single and its video will make more sense after the film is released.

“The song embodies a portion of a story that the music on the album is inspired by,” Ne-Yo said in a video blog. “The beautiful monster is in fact our love interest/arch nemesis – her name is Domini in the film.

“It may not make a whole lot of sense right this second, but once you see the videos and the forthcoming film it will all meld together.”

“Libra Scale,” Ne-Yo’s fourth album and first studio effort since 2008’s “Year of the Gentlemen,” is due in September.