*Combinations are seldom perfect. Whenever two elements are joined there are normally seams and fault lines that are quite easy to see with the naked eye. But the cast from the new Tri Destined Studios and Imagine Entertainment film “Perfect Combination” are as thick as thieves off the set, and that chemistry is apparent on film as well.

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Starring Christian Keyes and Kareem Grimes, as well as Angell Conwell, Ayo Sorrells and Tiffany Hines, “Perfect Combination” is a story that’s seems to speak directly to the conditions facing professional African Americans in the new millennium, but with a comic twist.

It tells the tale of Rick Jameson, a successful lawyer living in Los Angeles who is tired of the status quo dating scene. At his wits end, Jameson decides to hire a old school dating service to help him get over his dating hump and all heck breaks lose. Keyes, heretofore is best known for his role in Tyler Perry’s “Madea Goes To Jail, and for his lead role in the Perry DVD project “What’s Done In The Dark,” can also be seen co-starring in the stage play “Cheaper To Keep Her” alongside Brian McKnight for Vivica A. Fox’s attention. Yes, the brother is certainly working it out. But many in the mainstream don’t even know how talented this man is.

“My character Rick was somewhat of a workaholic, definitely vulnerable and he’s coming up on 30 and that’s a big milestone and he’s looking for a woman. That ideal black woman and, of course, he spills the beans to the friends about and, of course, they make it worse and so he decides that his only other option was probably a dating service,” Keyes says of his role in the film.

The chemistry of which we previously spoke is helped, in large part, thanks to the comical styling of Kareem Grimes. He has been a face in the crowd for some time. A familiar face.

“I’ve been acting 20 years now,” said Grimes. “I started in 1989. ‘Boyz In The Hood’ was my first film. My title was the Ice Cream Truck Kid. It’s an interesting story. John Singleton came up to me when we were playing catch and he started asking me a bunch of questions and at this time I didn’t really know who he was. And before you know it, after lunch, he came up to me and was like ‘I’m gonna give you some lines’ I was an extra and didn’t know who he was. You know, 12-13 years old, I was just happy to be out of school and on a set.”

Still don’t remember who he was? Of course you do. The dude practically looks exactly the same as he did in the film. Well he’s a few inches taller now. Just a few, mind you. 🙂

“Anyway, my 3 lines were ‘Yo man, what happened?’ And that’s where it started. I had a jheri curl wig and a hat turned backwards.”

Wow, now you remember! Though Grimes’ comedic timing appears to have been honed, he’s not a comedian by trade or practice. In fact, film execs N.D. Brown and Veronica F. Nichols told EURweb that more than a few comedians were given their shot to win the role, but Grimes was eventually chosen and from the jump you’ll see why.

“We would stick to the script 70 percent of the time, but the director would definitely give us that room to play,” said Grimes.

Any 30-something adult can relate to the nuances of this DVD project, but Keyes says he took it a step further with some research. After all he had to make his character believable

“I looked up a few of the dating sites and looked at some of the stuff that one would find if one were to join one of those sites, the kind of mind set you would have to be in and the kind of vulnerability. You have to be so open with the kind of information that you have to feed into some of these computerized sites,” Keyes told our Lee Bailey. “Rick is a lot more vulnerable and like the guy next door. Not some heart throb.”

Actress/model Angell Conwell is a sight for sore eyes to be certain. A beautiful woman indeed. However, in the film she comes off as an unlikely love interest. Her character’s name is Alex, a assistant working at the match making agency.

“Alex’s motivation in the film is finding love for Rick,” said Conwell. “In the movie you can see she’s up late looking for his perfect match. I was just happy to play someone who’s professional and corporate. Someone who has herself together. It wasn’t a stretch for me but it was different from what I had done in the past. So, it’s forward movement, it’s growth.”

Conwell’s prior roles include appearances in “Baby Boy,” “Soul Plane,” and “The Wash” just to name a few.

The film’s soundtrack includes seven original works that were written and performed by guess who? Mr. Christian Keyes. It’s definitely worth a listen. He’s definitely got skills.

Coupled with great character portrayals and a script by Tiffany A. Rose, “Perfect Combination” is filled with great thespians portraying funny and talented individuals. Directed by Trey Haley, President and Partner of Tri Destined Studios, “Perfect Combination” hits store shelves tomorrow, May 4.

Get more info about “Perfect Combination,” HERE. Stay tuned for our review of the film to be published in a future edition of EURweb.

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