*Arizona Cardinals player Darnell Dockett won a $1000 bet last week by taking a shower buck naked on the Internet video service UStream.

Today, after footage of the session went viral and angered team officials, he regrets ever taking the bet.

“I apologize to my team, all the players. I walked by individually each player and apologized,” Dockett told the AP. He called the steamy stunt “not appropriate” and vowed never to bathe himself online again. [Scroll down to view censored photos.]

The defensive lineman was covered only by a small blue washcloth in images first published at SportsByBrooks. Immediately after the live shower, Dockett took to his Twitter account to gloat.

“Ok so I just got a $1k = A stack BET that I wouldn’t take a shower on ustream lol ok soo as soon as I see the money its On ” NO MEN ALLOWED,” he tweeted.

Dockett said despite the overshare on UStream, he told the AP: “I’m still going to be me. It’s not going to change what I do on Twitter. I’m just going to be much smarter and do things for my team for them to look at me as being accountable.”