*As Mayor Ray Nagin leaves office, hundreds of damaged city buildings including police stations and fire houses sit unrepaired more than four years after Hurricane Katrina, stark reminders of how the recovery has floundered.

Only seven percent of 283 city-owned structures slated to be rebuilt have been completed or are under construction, according to an analysis by The Associated Press. Those figures back up an impression many residents have had for more than a year – the Nagin administration has failed to renew much of New Orleans.

“New Orleans has struggled with a vision from the very beginning of the disaster,” said Drew Sachs, vice president of James Lee Witt Associates, a consulting firm that has worked extensively on Louisiana’s hurricane recovery.

Besides missteps by the Nagin administration, rebuilding has been complicated because of the extent of damage, FEMA’s paralyzing bureaucracy as well as loss of population, which has hurt revenues and made it hard for city officials to determine where to put its limited resources.

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