Thelma Houston turns 64 today

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Today’s ‘Live Better With Willie Jolley’ Tip: Motivation vs. Inspiration

LIVE BETTER TIP for Success is focused on helping you Turn Your Setbacks Into Greenbacks!

Motivation deals with our heads. Its job is to get us to take action, to get up and do something. Inspiration deals with our hearts; the inner person. The head may say that what we plan to do is illogical, impossible, and cannot be done, but the heart does not care and ignores the head and the logic of the issue and goes after what it ‘‘feels’’ it must do.

We often hear of people who were in¬spired to achieve impossible feats. There are athletes who dedicate a game to a fallen friend or stories of accident or disaster victims who ex¬hibit superhuman strength to rescue others. As people think in their hearts, so are they! Learn how to tap into the thoughts of your heart as well as your head and you will be amazed at what you are able to achieve!

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May 7: Singer Jimmy Ruffin is 71. Singer Thelma Houston is 64 [See clip below.]. Singer Eagle-Eye Cherry is 39.


The NBA Playoffs are here and the perfect time to discover the official site of the National Basketball Association: 

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May 7, 1976: William H. Hastie inaugurated as the first black governor of the Virgin Islands. (Source:

Below, birthday girl Thelma Houston sings her biggest hit “Don’t Leave Me This Way.”