*In the midst of promoting her new album “Pulse” and singles “Make My Heart” and “Hands Tied,” Toni Braxton has taken time to put down rumors that her eight-year marriage to Keri Lewis fell apart because of an affair.

“There wasn’t a third party involved – nothing like that. If there was, I’d have a whole different personality right now,” she said, according to WENN. “Maybe it was the working together – the stress – that ended our marriage. But we are great friends still. I’m not happy about the marriage breaking up, but you gotta do what you gotta do – you know when things are dissolving.”

Although she is separated from Lewis, Braxton said they have not yet made plans to divorce – because she wants to make sure they work out a suitable arrangement for their two young sons, one of whom has Autism.

“(We) haven’t talked about divorce yet,” she said. “When you have a special-needs child, that changes things. We’ll see what happens. I’m not eager for us to get back together again, but… I’m not eager to go any further than separation right now. I think for boys, it’s important for a father to be around and Keri is very active in their lives.”