*Tyra Banks shocked her talk show audience Friday by acting out a rabies-induced fit as a prank, complete with foaming mouth and convulsions. But the joke ended up being on Tyra because no one in the audience tried to help.

Banks took the stage explaining she had been bitten by a rabid dog before the show and had received treatment for the fatal viral disease, which can cause erratic behavior.

“I’m not 100 percent today, I’m not feeling great. A friggin’ dog bit me,” she told the audience. “I had to get rushed to the hospital and the doctors… tested me. The dog had rabies and I had to get a shot. I’m feeling a little weird but I’m OK.”

The former model snuck an Alka-Seltzer concoction when her back was turned to the audience, and then she stunned the crowd when she dropped to the floor and began convulsing and foaming at the mouth.

After revealing to the audience that they’d been pranked as part of a special episode filled with practical jokes, she asked the crowd, “Why didn’t anyone help me?”

Watch the prank’s full setup and execution here, or a clip of just the execution below.