*Business Insider recently released some interesting statistics about Twitter, highlighting that Blacks are top users (25%) of Twitter. These were the following reasons they speculated for the curious popularity.

-Black people (and Hispanics) are much more likely to access the Internet from mobile devices. Twitter is well-suited to mobile use, and its users are more engaged with the mobile Internet than the general population by a wide margin.

-More black than white celebrities are active Twitter users; Shaquille O’Neal, Oprah, 50 Cent, and P Diddy are all among the most followed accounts on Twitter. That’s great publicity for Twitter, and could be helping Twitter become more mainstream among black people.

-The median age for black Americans (according to the 2000 census) is 30 years old, a full seven years younger than for white Americans. Black people therefore make up a relatively higher percentage of the population within the most relevant age groups — Twitter is most popular amongst 25-34 year-olds.

Though these are some well thought out, scientific answers, one critic believes BI is missing the point. (S/he) suggests Twitter provides a unique immediacy of information, which caters to the direct communication of Blacks and Hispanics. According to (this article), Twitter flows naturally with the way Blacks and Hispanics communicate.

(S/he) writes, “Twitter is almost like a digital barbershop or hair salon, where you can share insights with everyone you know and love at once. Of course Black folks love it!”