As the first sign, your ego sometimes gets the best of you, costing untold opportunities to slip through your fingers. However, by taming that famed self-love fest, the going gets easier. Let your innate charm light up the room. Others will see you for the visionary that you are – after all, the first sign sees things first-convincing others of your rare ability is the challenge.


Business is finally going your way, especially since what you really, truly want to do is stay close to home. This is a good week to plan out your strategy, but, and this is important, really trust your instincts to guide you, as a series of planetary aspects urge you to heed impressions you are now receiving. It’s not until the 5th that you feel the power of self-belief. Enter next week’s forecast period with confidence.


You like to believe there are concrete reasons for all things that pass. In other words, like the Missouri “Show Me” state of consciousness, you need proof. You get that in spades, much to your fragile ego’s discontent. But if there is a silver lining this forecast period, you will, at least, know your “opponent’s” position. The bet is that the 3rd will point to the culprit.


From the 29th to the 2nd, smooth sailing is the norm. But the storm hits on the 3rd, when serious discussions in the morning turn around to fun and frivolity by mid-afternoon. This see-saw ride lasts the weekend, but just as you sigh in relief, up pops another situation that needs your insight on the 5th. Can you handle the tension? We ask because foundations are being shaken.


Much like your Cancerian neighbor, the forecast period is fairly smooth – not too much upsets the applecart. Much unlike the Crab, your entire week brings a serenity that seems oh, so strange to the usually energetic Lion. If you really want to get excited by something, you need only pencil in the 5th for a sudden surprise – and from quite a distance away.


The 30th and the 1st are standout days for Virgo this period. Specifically, you are urged to bring attention to yourself and not feel so guilty about your abundant talents. An inordinate amount of “busy-ness” distracts you, but the point we are trying to make is, monetary expertise helps you to get through the weekend. The ship rights itself on the 5th.


Career moves based on instinct are paying off. You don’t know why or how, but you love the results. The weekend (3rd and 4th) is active – and not just in celebration of our nation’s birth – but the spillover into the 5th means you’ve finally met the right people to propel you through a project that seemed to be taking its sweet time in completing.


Deep reservoirs of energy have been pumping into your psyche for a while, adding much-needed propulsion to a relationship you’ve been courting from a distance. Communications are well-established, and that aids the overall picture, which crystallizes over the weekend. Once the Moon enters your opposite sign of Taurus late afternoon of the 5th, expect to butt serious heads over an issue.


Are you feeling the vibes around the house lately? What did you do or, more accurately, say to upset the apple cart? In your defense, it was another’s fault for giving you insufficient support with a critical matter. It’d be best to wait until the weekend, when you can bulk up on excuses for not coming through as promised. Don’t worry; your reputation is still intact.


All your projects are on cruise control through a large portion of this forecast. By the weekend, you may feel the need to rush through without a purpose, but you will see how others bring the pieces of the puzzle together. Things will come in waves, but you will catch the drift and get into the rhythm of reaping what took years in the making to come to fruition.


If you didn’t check your moodiness at the door at the end of last week’s forecast, the trend continues, causing you to send mixed signals that your mate is guaranteed to misinterpret. Be clear with your message over the weekend, when communications spark up a mutual interest to set straight. Byt eh evening of the 5th, the romance returns – with a vengeance.


With the Moon in your sign, beginning on the 30th and continuing through the 2nd, you are so in synch with yourself that others wilt at your insights into their thoughts. Pisces is famed for its spongy nature, and you can put that talent to good use by straightening out finances on the 3rd and 4th, days when you will have to take charge – but not impulsively: it may shake others’ confidence in your direction.

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAY: Malia Obama – Born June 30, 1998

Born with the Sun in Cancer (also the U.S.’s birth sign) and the Moon in studious and service-oriented Virgo, Malia Obama, the eldest child of President of the United States Barack and Michelle Obama, is a natural when it comes to hitting the books.

Such a combination also endows a natural urge to be sure those around her are comfortable and taken care of.

Mercury, also in Cancer, suggests that Malia can be a bit over-sensitive, thanks to an innate psychic sense that picks up others’ vibes as easily as reading a book. Venus joins Mars in curious Gemini, and fuels her urge to soak in as much knowledge as she can handle – and that’s a lot.

This combination also warns of giving out too much information. Jupiter in Pisces is opposite her Moon – a HUGE signal that one will be in the public’s eye, and also one that highlights a generosity of spirit that will astound the world.

Saturn in Taurus usually means that Malia will be well in control of her finances; indeed, she will not want for creature comforts. Uranus in Aquarius works positively with her Gemini planets, perhaps in some area of broadcast. Neptune is also in Aquarius, bringing a dreamy quality to her features, an aspect that the public loves.

Could it be that Malia is as charismatic as her father? All signs point to it.