Trial and error brings you to the conclusion that a complicated problem turned out to have a simple solution. All you have to do this forecast period is lighten up and don’t take yourself so seriously. Try spreading a little love this coming weekend when you are the center of attention on the 6th. Do not ignore the 7th, when the work week starts off like gangbusters.


You will feel the tangible results of past efforts on the 1st and 2nd, when things turn to your favor with surprising ease. It will come out of a place where you least expect, so there is the hope that you’ve been a good boy or girl despite a quirky situation that might have been disastrous if not for your will to succeed. Although the weekend sparks your temper, try to see the other side for once.


With your love of busy-ness, you are right in your element this forecast period. For most people, distractions are an irritant. For you they are a way of life. You are called to analyze a sticky situation on the 3rd and 4th, which will serve you well over the weekend, especially the 6th. Bring your “A” game to work on the 7th, and you will find others hanging on your every word.


If you feel a bout of insomnia this week, well, it’s a spillover from worry over a matter that truly worries you. Inspiration comes on the 3rd and 4th (a Quarter Moon) that brings you incredibly great news on the 5th, when fortunate Jupiter draws attention to goals you’ve been pushing. Expect communications to amplify on the 6th, as you become more aggressive in promoting yourself.


Pack the bags and get ready for some serious travel, beginning on the 5th and lasting for quite a while. This is such a busy time for the Lion that you will not be able to rest. You need to know this, for the 6th brings both blessings (health-wise) and impressive financial benefits. You may want to pace yourself, but knowing you, this is just the stimulus to accelerate your goals, as  you’ve been denied free rein recently.


You will feel a sudden jolt on the 5th and 6th, when planetary aspects affect, first, your finances and, second, your health. That jolt comes from energetic Mars entering your sign on the 6th, while beneficial Jupiter kicks finances your way on the 5th. Negatively, health becomes an issue, so there is the hope that you have been paying attention to your health. The 3rd and 4th are days for you to meet your adoring public.


You come into favor with a large amount of people come the 5th, much to your pleasure. The baggage that accompanies this blessing is an urge to over-analyze every little detail, which slows down progress and can also jeopardize the big plans you’ve slaved over. Confide in a trusted friend, whose counsel may clear the confusion of what’s best for you in the long term.


The job market is looking more positively for Scorpio than it has in a long time. You should be able to pick and choose whatever position you want around the 5th, and then you should see vast improvement the very next day, when your hopes and wishes also materialize. No really specific bumps in the road this forecast, just a lot of overcrowded scheduling on your part. In other words, you are the proverbial busy bee.


An overly active home environment marks this forecast period, most notably on the 3rd, 4th and 5th. This is a very busy week in just about every aspect of your life, but speculation is that you will take it in stride and enjoy the myriad activities that pop up with ever-increasing frequency. Study the vast landscape that is your life, and then dive into it with abandon.


Expansion in your home life – perhaps construction or a move to another abode – dominates your thoughts. Express them with confidence from the 3rd to the 5th when communications tilt in your favor. Prior to those days, don’t let a nagging problem drag you down: it really isn’t that serious, just a discomfort in your usually steady life.


This forecast finds the Moon in your sign on the 1st and 2nd. So, you may feel a bit moody on those days, but actually energized with the prospect of the rest of the week being filled with love and respect for your partner, especially on the 5th. Have a heart-to-heart talk with that special person over the weekend and right into the end of this forecast; you will find that he or she brings a lot to the table of life.


This is an exciting forecast for the Fish. First, the 5th starts a cycle of financial and material deliberation, while the 6th thrusts you into a spotlight you may not be ready for. With your home life in turmoil, hold on to your temper, especially from the 3rd to the 5th, when the Moon is in your sign, making you a bit more sensitive than normal. Life has been good lately, but you will get to treasure your solitude again.

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAY: Prince  – Born June 7, 1958

Depending on his time of birth, Prince Rogers Nelson may have the Moon in Aquarius (most likely) or in Pisces (if he is in love with solitude).

If the Moon is in Aquarius, then the sign that more famous people have than any other planetary placement seems just about right. But Prince is also known as a notorious recluse, unwilling to share any aspects of his private life with the world.

If so, then Pisces is where the Moon is. Yes, you are confused, which is just what Prince wants. His aggressive musicality comes from Mars in Aries, bestowing him with a visionary musical outlook that has astounded the public for over 30 years.

His ruling planet, Mercury in its home of Gemini, is opposite Saturn in Sagittarius, allowing him to focus way beyond most humans’ capabilities. Jupiter in Libra gives Prince the urge to really listen to others, and then he goes his own way.

Another powerful aspect is Venus in Taurus, making him loyal to others despite his quirky nature, and he will settle down with one woman – if he can control his libido.

But at 52(!), perhaps it is time. Just don’t slow down your musical output, Prince!