*Tiki Barber’s friends are trying to squash reports that the NFL vet is too broke to pay a divorce settlement demanded by the mother of his four young kids.

The New York Post is quoting unnamed “buddies” of Barber who claim Ginny Barber is “trying to bleed him dry” and is obsessed with “smearing his name” ever since he left her for another woman.

“Ginny wants $150,000 per month from him in alimony” the source told The Post’s Dan Mangan. “In due time, if Tiki was dumb enough to give her that amount, he would be broke.”

“P.S.: She’s hired a baby nurse to take care of the kids for $60,000,” the friend said. “And Ginny’s legal bill is approximately $75,000 per month to [her lawyer] Nancy Chemtob,” said the friend.

According to the Post, the friend also confirmed that Tiki, who had been working as a NBC’s “Today Show” correspondent, has “parted ways” with the network due to his marriage scandal. That job paid him an estimated $300,000 annually.

Meanwhile, a rep for Ginny Barber said the claim of a $150,000- per-month alimony demand “is categorically untrue. That number is completely and utterly ridiculous.” The rep added, “She does not even have a nanny.”

The rep also denied the amount Ginny purportedly pays to Chemtob.

In April, Barber left his wife of 11 years for 23-year-old former NBC intern Traci Lynn Johnson. He and Ginny — who delivered twin girls last month – are struggling to reach a settlement in divorce court. Some sources said Tiki is trying to “low-ball her” and has cried poverty because of the loss of his “Today” gig.

In response, Tiki’s agent Mark Lepselter said, “It’s very sad, and it would be better if they settled this as amicably as possible.”