Jason 'Da Public’s Eye' Stanley

*Atlanta, GA – Jason “Da Public’s Eye” Stanley is an eccentric artist that represent the next wave of musical fusion transcending varies genres of music, from hip hop to funk.

Da Public’s Eye’s lead single off his upcoming album I Am U, entitled “Army Wife” is stirring up the music industry.

“Army Wife” is a reflection of the emotions currently being felt throughout country amongst several military families. It also expresses the undeniable passion that flourishes the first time a soldiers comes home from war.

When asked what he thought the hardest job in the army was, Da Public’s Eye replied, “it is a fact that the hardest job in the army is that of an army wife, they are the real soldiers”.

He continued with “the overwhelming toll that war puts on military families is inevitable, but the light shined on the women that hold down the home front is often dim. “Army Wife” is a way to pay homage to the men and women that serve our country and the families that give selflessly of their loved ones willingly or unwillingly.

“Army Wife” has definitely struck cord, this is visible in the outpouring of support by music industry heavy hitters and military personnel alike. Which has also proven that the need for music that fits more than sexual innuendoes and party anthems is not only appreciated, but relevant.

Though “Army Wife” is not an answer to the overall problem, it does allow an innovative and fun way to bring families together that are so far away through one of the worlds most powerful tools, music.”

Music is meant to entertain, but it also at some point should deliver a message and effect at least one persons life and the single does just that. It offers a untouched emotion that is not reflective in today’s hip hop arena.

Listen To “Army Wife” Here

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