*Oh D’Angelo, D’Angelo, where art thou man of soul? It has been some time since the ladies have been able to swoon from the fresh, new soulful sounds of the beloved D’Angelo.

Let’s not forget the things men learned from the in tune artist. Well, ten years it has been and now he is coming back, right on time too, as some would say watching the music industry turn to rust. The singer couldn’t hold it in any longer.

“I just got turned on to this group called Black Merda that I’m just kinda beating myself up over because I’d never heard of them before,” he told urbandaily.com. “I think about a couple of months ago, my boy turned me on to them. I’m just revisiting groups that are basically looked at like funk groups or funk artists, but I’m looking at it differently now. These guys who were really trying to push the envelope back then, I think they were just a head of their time as far as black rock is concerned.”

No one is for sure yet, but this may be the first clues of a new album to come. In the interview, he also shared his thought about the business and politics of the industry, saying real artists are having a hard time breaking into the main stream because big time execs are looking to make a pretty penny.

Don’t give up hope D! We need you!