*VIBE is still giving out awards, even after being closed down last year. Perplexing. But that’s not the news to report. Dr. Dre was voted the Greatest Producer of All Time (Applause). The former NWA producer/rapper won 62 percent of votes and went up against DJ Premier. No competition, right?

A total of 189,425 votes were cast in four rounds in six categories: Homegrown Sound, Soul Sample, Mass Appeal, and Boom Bap. Dre stomped out the competition, sending Atlanta producer DJ Toomp packing in the Homegrown category in the first round, DJ Quik in the second, and De La Soul’s Prince Paul in the third. He also pushed out Bomb Squad and Kanye West.

In the meantime in the Boom Bap category, Premier was the favored player of the game, easily sweeping newcomer Bangladesh in the first round, Mobb Deep’s Havoc, Rick Rubin, and RZA in the semi-finals.

Hip-hop heads and critics predicted the outcome before the races began, however. Dre was happy and seemed a bit surprised by the win.

“I just found out that I got voted VIBE’s best producer of all time. That sh*t is incredible,” the victor commented to the publication. “I’m a humble person and I would’ve never expected that, seriously. I just go in the studio. I try to do my thing to the best of my ability.”

Whether you disagree or can experience the West Coast pride, Dre is the winner and will reign as the best producer of all time, period!