*Los Angeles cemetery Forest Lawn says it welcomes Michael Jackson fans for the one-year anniversary of his death tomorrow, but there will be some restrictions in place to preserve the sanctity of the grounds.

Fans will be allowed to leave flowers near the singer’s burial site, but the cemetery has banned balloons, candles, doves, video cameras, candles, spinners, statues, posters, incense, radios and web broadcasting, officials announced Wednesday.

Only family members and designated guests are allowed inside of the mausoleum where Jackson’s body was laid to rest, but the cemetery placed no numerical limits on the amount of fans wanting to place flowers on a nearby outdoor terrace.

Forest Lawn said it was expecting “significant” numbers of visitors throughout the day, and reserved the right to throw out anyone making too much noise or behaving in what it considered a disrespectful manner.

Meanwhile, TMZ is reporting that Jackson’s family home in nearby Encino will be on “lockdown.”

According to the LAPD, there will be 30 to 40 officers — some uniformed, some undercover — patrolling a one block area around the Jackson home on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

“No parking” signs are being placed around the house and a ban on all MJ merchandise sales in the area has been put in place, the Web site reported.