*In the industry, there is always something off the wall happening; something unexpected and quite exciting.

Depending on your taste, this one might shock you a lil’. Drake is being sued for alleged illegal use of Playboy’s property.

According to a lawsuit filed at the U.S. District court in Los Angeles, Playboy Enterprises is claiming Drake needs to pay the company for the use of his hit, “Best I Ever Had.” Bizarre right!

The suit says the sampled song at the beginning of the record is from “Fallin’ In Love,” by Hamilton, Joe Frank, and Dennison/Reyonalds, which rights belong to Hugh Hefner’s Playboy empire.

In the paperwork, Playboy says Drake and his team “knew or should have reasonably known, that the sound recording was protected by copyright…” and that “each Defendant continues to infringe upon Plaintiff’s rights in and to the copyrighted sound recording.”

Sounds like Playboy is trying to cash in on Drake’s recent hit album. Who can blame them though? Drake was just on Kimmel last night, and spoke in detail about his current album, and the success it’s brought him.

Since Playboy claims that the “infringing conduct is continuing and ongoing.”

The Plaintiff wants Drake to stop selling the record and turn over all profits made from it… ouch!*