*OMG! This is the return we all have been waiting for!!!! Where has he been? Keith Sweat just came out with his new “Ridin’ Solo” album.

The 80s love making music legend has been musically hushed for quite some time, leaving the world of music cold, desolate and in a place of unrest as it itches for some good music recovery. Hopefully Sweat’s album will revitalize music.

“I’m trying to add to the catalog,” he told The BoomBox. “I feel a real resurgence right now. Sometimes you have to reinvent yourself in all areas.” He said.

He is really on his way back to the lime light of R&B. Not only is has he released a new album, but he is working on a reality series – “Keith Sweat’s Platinum House” – due to premiere on June 28 on Centric. He is also talking about reviving Dru Hill. YAY!

“We have our favorite acts like SWV, New Edition we all grew up listening to them and they have a wide fan base, [but] those veteran groups are not in radio demographics. So you don’t hear about them as much and then they end up falling in to adult contemporary, which has the 18-34 mainstream missing out because, radio is so concerned about whatever song is hot now and they feel that these artist are not relevant,” the singer explained. “My TV show and radio program can connect the fans back with these artists, find out what they’re doing and keep them relevant.”