*It’s no secret that Mariah Carey loves her Jack Russell terriers, but paying for their vet bills? Not so much, according to the doctor responsible for their care.

Veterinarian Cindy Bressler sued Carey on Wednesday in a Manhattan state court claiming she owes nearly $30,000 in bills for her three dogs.

In her lawsuit, Bressler said she provided “extraordinary services” for the Jack Russell terriers — Cha-Cha, Dolomite and JJ — but the singer paid only about $8,200 of the roughly $37,800 in charges. The bills cover a little more than a month of care.

Bressler’s lawyer, Michael C. Posner, declined to elaborate on the treatment given the dogs. Her Web site notes that she makes house calls in New York City and the Hamptons and caters to “prominent New Yorkers and celebrity clients.”

Carey and her husband, “America’s Got Talent” host Nick Cannon, recently welcomed a new addition to their household: a puppy named Jackie Lambchops, born to Cha-Cha this month, according to Carey’s Twitter feed.