*Our good buddy from the Bay Area, George Livingston, just hipped jus to Foreverland which is a 14-piece tribute band to the mighty Michael Jackson. He says he caught them last night at the Alemeda County Fair and they were awesome.

We did some research and found out that the group is based in San Francisco and was formed in March of 2009 to honor Michael’s musical genius and legendary showmanship.

With four lead vocalists, four horns and a six-piece rhythm section, the ensemble is best described as a “Remarkable and Rocking Michael Jackson Revue.”

Rather than be limited by a MJ impersonator and pre-recorded backing tracks, the band’s unique approach is to celebrate the larger than life performances, imagination and infectious spirit of this legendary artist.

The result is a fabulous and thumping 14-piece show band that pays homage to MJ’s undeniable talent and timeless dance music.

However, before the band was Foreverland, they were known as Neverland. But it seems the MiJac estate folks didn’t like that too much and forced the band to change their name. Check out this video report for the details:

Find out more about Foreverland here: