*For the second consecutive year, Michael Vick has been voted the most-hated man in sports in a poll conducted by Forbes magazine.

Vick, disliked by 69% of respondents, topped the list that included five NFL figures among the 10 most-despised.

Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis was second on the list, with 66% disapproval rating, followed by Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger in third at 57%.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was tied for fourth with Tiger Woods, earning 53% of the vote. Terrell Owens was the other NFL employee on the list, with 47%.

To measure public opinion of sports figures, E-Poll surveyed 1,100 people nationwide, aged 13 or older. Forbes limited eligibility to those currently active in sports as a player, coach, manager, broadcaster, agent or owner.

A 10% minimum awareness level was also a prerequisite (that eliminated drug-using cyclist Floyd Landis and money-grubbing baseball agent Scott Boros, both very much disliked by the few but anonymous to the many).

Others making an appearance: baseball’s steroid poster boys, Alex Rodriguez and Mark McGwire (McGwire’s return to coaching this year made him eligible for the list), along with gun-wielding NBA star Gilbert Arenas.