Holyfield & Tyson

*Yahoo Sports is spreading a rumor that 44-year-old Mike Tyson is looking for a rematch against 48-year-old Evander Holyfield. Are you serious???

According to the report, Tyson is currently eligible for induction into the International Boxing Hall of Fame, but if he gets the chance for a comeback bout against his rival, that induction will have to wait.

“There has been talk that Tyson will fight Evander Holyfield again, a match that shouldn’t happen, but might because of the money involved,” Yahoo Sports’ Kevin Iole said.

Tyson is old, warn out, and winded. His last fight in 2005 against Kevin McBride, Tyson couldn’t finish the battle. Around the time of his retirement, he lost three out of four of his last fights. He couldn’t get past two rounds.

The both of ’em are way too old to be in the ring. Let’s leave the sport up to the ones worth watching. Who’s (really) idea is this?