Diddy and 50 Cent

*Can anyone say catfight!!! And it’s on! Lil’ Kim has taken some jabs at Young Money rising star Nicki Minaj for jocking her sexy, bright eyed, flaring wig, baby doll style. Kim says the rookie ain’t give her the props she deserves.

But industry peers are saying the veteran is just hating on the Young Money diva’s success. Drake stepped in to defend the new comer. Even 50 Cent had a few words.

He thinks there is a bit more behind the beef. He says it may be Minaj’s rise to stardom that is really bothering the Queen B and her growing relationship with Diddy.

“It’s probably a little more irritating to see Puffy stand next to Nicki Minaj and for him to say that [Rick] Ross reminds him of Biggie,” 50 said in a video interview posted online with Power 98.3 FM in Phoenix. Lil’ Kim held it down as a member of the Biggie-helmed collective Junior M.A.F.I.A. in the ’90s and even fellow M.A.F.I.A. member Lil’ Cease has noticed Kim and Big’s influence on Minaj and Ross. And now, Diddy is managing Ross whose larger-than-life frame and slick lyrics are reminiscent of B.I.G., and has called Minaj “one of the great ones.”

The discussion didn’t end there. 50 took a shot at Diddy, saying his latest moves were out of desperation because “his music sucks right now.” He suggests that the rapper/producer/actor is making frantic moves to gain fame through association with the former Miami rapper Rick Ross and Minaj.

On the Kim-Minaj beef, he agrees that the new kid on the block has definitely taken a lot of her style from the early rap life of Kim.

“It’s obvious … she was inspired by some of Kim’s [style]. But that’s not bad. There’s not a whole lot of female artists that you can make reference to, so you’ll see those little influences even stronger. I think she’s hot – I think she’s got a good little thing going right now, as far as Nicki Minaj is concerned.”

Lil Kim & Nicki Minaj