*Los Angeles, CA — More than one million Facebook fans love being black and they are causing a web-frenzy over a popular Facebook page. On Sunday, June 27, the fans hit the one million mark.

The ilovebeingblack fan page on Facebook has reignited the Black is Beautiful movement like a virtual firestorm, taking its message of empowerment to the web. The site is devoted to cultural awareness through fashion, capturing the hearts of 1,001,010 Facebook fans worldwide.

With its I love being Black apparel line, the company brings a fresh meaning to James Brown’s I’m Black and I’m Proud anthem for a post-Civil Rights generation. The company’s positive motif is part of a larger movement to inspire and uplift the Black community.

“I Love Being Black apparel is a reminder to the community – and the world – that yeah, I DO love being Black,” said Founder/CEO Kumi Rauf. “I wanted to establish an outlet to combat self-hatred and negativity from inside and outside of our community, and to do it with style.”

Rauf established the company in 2003 as an outgrowth of racial tension while he was a student at UC Santa Barbara and as a social media platform to encourage positive relations between Blacks. For greater accessibility, ilovebeingblack.com is also in the early development stages of creating mobile applications for Android, Blackberry and iPhone users.

“With this page, and soon our mobile applications, I want to bring Black people together to start a dialogue on a variety of topics and to show our love for our culture.”

ilovebeingblack.com products are sold online and at marketplaces, festivals, expos and trade shows. Celebrities such as Kimberly Elise, Malcolm Jamal-Warner, Too $hort, among others can be spotted in I love being Black apparel.

Become a fan at www.Facebook.com/lovebeingblack or log onto www.ilovebeingblack.com for more information.

About ilovebeingblack.com
ilovebeingblack.com provides a social media platform for web-savvy Blacks to dialogue about various topics. CEO/Founder, Kumi Rauf, is the recipient of the 2007 Urban League Top 40 Under 40 award. ilovebeingblack.com makes many charitable contributions to organization such as: Sistas Against Drugs & Alcohol Abuse, The Los Angeles Black Women’s Health Conference, The National Society of Black Engineers, The Urban League, among others. Become a Facebook fan www.Facebook.com/lovebeingblack

M. Walker
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