*An amendment on women bishops put forward this week by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York has met with harsh criticism from those who feel there should be no compromise.

The Archbishops propose allowing male bishops to oversee traditionalist parishes in an amendment to the draft Measure on women bishops to be debated at the General Synod in York in two weeks.

While the amendment stats that the diocesan bishop, male or female, would still be “legally entitled to exercise any episcopal function in any parish of the diocese”, an exception would be made for parishes that had requested a traditionalist bishop – a system they call “co-ordinate jurisdiction”.

The diocesan bishop would have the authority to decide which traditionalist bishop – or “co-ordinate bishop” – to appoint, but the transfer of authority would come from the Measure itself and not therefore be delegated by the diocesan bishop.

The proposals have been condemned by supporters of women bishops who believe the Church of England’s failure to approve their consecration is unjust.

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