*Rap is educational, and don’t let nobody tell you otherwise. The industry is not producing violence, hate, and sex… only, but there is a breed of consciousness out there, you just gotta sift through all the mumbo jumbo! Okay, well, perhaps that’s not the majority, but there is hope out there folks.

Rapper Bun B has decided to take his talent to the schools. He has decided to teach a Hip-Hop and religion course at Rice University in Houston, Texas this coming spring semester.

Bun is having some reservations, though. He has to produce reading lists and follow through with some tasks most professors have to complete. But his main concern at this point is the student professor/rapper dynamic there may be in the classroom. He doesn’t want his students using him to push their demo forward.

“That’s the problem that the professors got, he’s concerned about that, he’s concerned about some people coming to class [for demos,” he said. “If they coming to the course specifically to give me a demo, then that’s a wrap on the first day.”

But he has a plan in place to knock out that issue real quick. He says his desk will have a demo box where students will drop their demos. The catch is, no demos will be listened to until the end of the course.

His third solo album called “Trill O.G.” will be released on August 3.