*Scottie Pippen is now $2 million richer after winning a portion of his malpractice lawsuit in Cook County, Illinois.

The former Chicago Bulls star, who has reportedly lost $120 million in career earnings since his retirement in 2004, sued two attorneys at the Chicago law firm Pedersen & Houpt for a total of $8.2 million, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. Pippen accused them of failing to closely monitor his 2002 purchase of a $4.3 million Gulfstream II corporate jet, which was grounded only months after he bought it, for upgrades and refurbishing the interior.

The jury ruled that Pippen deserved blame as well in the bad business deal, awarding him roughly one-quarter of what he asked for. One of the firm’s attorneys, Peter Sullivan, argued during opening statements that Pippen was looking for a scapegoat for his poor financial decisions over the years.

Leaving the courthouse in tears Monday with wife Larsa Pippen, Scottie told the Sun-Times: “I don’t want to really say anything, I’m just exhausted and tired.”