*Snoop Dogg nearly took “on location” to another level with plans to rent out an entire European country for his next video shoot.

According to UK’s Mirror, the rapper directly approached the government of Liechtenstein with a request to use the whole nation as a video set.

Officially known as the Principality of Liechtenstein, the land is the smallest German-speaking country in the world at only about 61.7 square miles total, and the only alpine country to lie entirely within the Alps.




Snoop’s request was turned down, only because officials didn’t have enough time to properly get things in order to meet the rapper’s timetable.

“We’ve had requests for places and villages but never one to hire the whole country before,” explained Karl Schwaerzler, a Liechtenstein property agent, in a recent interview. “It would have been possible, but Snoop Dogg’s management did not give us enough time.”

Liechtenstein only sports a population of 35,000 but is renowned for featuring some of the most picturesque nature in the region. Snoop sought the country out because he needed tons of outdoor space to shoot the new clip for a currently unknown song.