*It looks like Star Jones may be funneling some frustrations over her treatment at “The View” into a new work of fiction.

According to Page Six, the lawyer-turned-TV-host is busy writing a novel about female hosts of a daytime talk show.

Gallery Books is set to publish the work, which follows the hosts of a fictional TV show called “The Lunch Club.” In the book, Page Six reports, the hosts “learn that a former colleague — who departed under mysterious circumstances, and is privy to all their backstage secrets — is coming back with a splash.”

Jones, who once described her co-hosts as “hateful,” left “The View” amid controversy in 2006 after her contract was not renewed.

Co-host and executive producer Barbara Walters has said that she objected to Jones’ over-promotion of her wedding on “The View” in an attempt to get things for free, and also that she and her co-hosts were forced to lie after Jones got gastric bypass surgery but claimed to have lost weight through portion control and pilates.

After Walters’ memoir came out in 2008 with these details, Jones released a statement labeling Walters as an “adulterer…in the sunset of her life.”

“While this novel will be dishy, it will be a work of fiction,” Jones says.