*According to the annual report from the Foundation for Child Development, more than 20 percent of all American children live below the government’s official poverty line.

The figure stands at its highest level in 20 years and translates into 15.6 million children living in poverty.

The report, entitled 2010 Child and Youth Well-Being Index, asserts that 7.41 million children are living in “extreme poverty” and 500,000 are homeless.

The report also pointed out that more African American and Latino children, in particular, are living in poverty than children from other ethnic groups.

Disturbingly, the study projects that the “worst is yet to come.” It says the childhood poverty will reach its highest levels sometime this year.

Individuals interested in a more detailed look at the report can go online and log onto 2010 Child and Youth Well-Being Index. (Taylor Media Services – www.blacknewsjournal.net)