Terrell Suggs

*It is very easy to look into anyone’s life and find a flaw or a blemish, and it’s no different for Baltimore Ravens Defensive End Terrell Suggs. The NCAA single-season sacks record holder out of Arizona State University has had his fair share of media gaffes in his 7-year career.

There was the “bounty” incident in which he unwittingly told a Baltimore area sports talk radio show host of a monetary reward being placed on the head of Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall and veteran wide-out Hines Ward.

Suggs later said he misspoke and didn’t really mean to use the word bounty. There was also a restraining order filed against him in December of last year by the mother of his two children and a subsequent $70 million lawsuit filled by the same woman.

That’s not even to mention allegations off field brawls in college. Indeed, it is very easy to point the finger at someone, stick out your chest, and swear to high heaven that you have the moral higher ground. Actions do speak louder than words, and that goes for both the positive and negative.

Every year Terrell holds a celebrity weekend to support the William E. Proudford Sickle Cell Fund Inc, which increases sickle cell awareness, education, state-of-the-art treatment and research, and brings hope to families affected by the devastating disease. Terrell plays a major role in the success of this foundation and has celebrities from all over come to support him.

“I met a kid with Sickle Cell and all you see are charities for people with breast cancer or cerebral palsy or something else,” Suggs told EURweb’s Ricardo Hazell when asked why he chose to help the fight against the dreadful disease. “Sickle Cell doesn’t really have a voice, and that’s what influenced my decision. That’s why I picked that one. It just reminds me not to take anything for granted. It’s a ugly, nasty disease. I’m walking around here as healthy as a newborn baby. It just let you know you can’t take anything for granted. I just thank God everyday for this football opportunity. Everyday!”

Aside from that, Suggs has been in Baltimore recruiting some of the nicest ballers in the area. He’s trying to get a group of Baltimore children with game to the LeBron James AAU basketball tournament in Chicago and, according to Terrell, it’s nothing but smooth sailing for Team Sizzle.

“I have an AAU basketball team and, you know, most people don’t get to make it to the NBA,” said Suggs. “And even the good people don’t make it all the time. I just remember growing up playing AAU and it was the most fun I’ve ever had. We got to travel and go play against other people in other states. That’s the closest I’ve ever gotten to the NBA and it’s going to be that way for most of these kids as well. I put up the money for the AAU team (Team Sizzle) because I’ve always had the love for it and I saw the opportunity to put together a team of kids from the city of Baltimore and they’re doing great. I just love to do it!”

According to Terrell, Team Sizzle has a few more games left before Chi-Town comes a’ callin’, but he’s beaming with confidence regarding his squad.

“We’ll be there, ain’t no tryin’ to about it. They have two more tournaments then it’s off to the LeBron James thing in Chicago.”

If you were to create a list of ten words that you would use to describe a stereotypical NFL football player the word dumb, unfortunately, would most certainly be amongst them. And though he doesn’t have Shakespearean command of the English language, Suggs is no fool as one of his more recent endeavors will attest to.

“I’ve just finished one short film, it’s call “Shook” and it got accepted to the Polson Film Festival which is a part of ABFF. We’re shooting one right now in D.C. called “Marco Polo”,” said Suggs. “We’re shooting it in D.C. and Baltimore. I believe in the projects that we’re working on. These aren’t too short, but I just wanted to get my feet wet and not totally dive in. Not shooting a feature film yet. I wanted to study the film making process first. I took some film courses when I went back to Arizona State University a couple years ago. I just love film. That’s my second love next to football. We’re just filming some shorts right now. The company is called Team Sizzle Worldwide Entertainment.”

There is very little doubt that Terrell Suggs is one of the best athletes the state of Arizona has ever produced. In fact, we can’t really think of any other native Arizonans who have dominated their respective sport the way Terrell has. Though born in Minneapolis, Suggs is Arizona through and through so we had to ask him about the whole immigration flap that’s been fire storming through his state in recent months.

“Man, it’s one thing to enforce immigration. But it’s wrong to just profile a group of people. Let’s be honest, we do have illegal Mexicans in this country. But I think it’s not right that they can just stop people because they “look” like an illegal Mexican and try to deport them. Don’t get me wrong. They’re a lot of illegal immigrants here and ain’t nothing wrong with enforcing the law. I just think they’re going about it the wrong way. The people that are legally here should not be subject to that kind of treatment. That’s just racial profiling. “

All right then. It appears as though every other person interviewed regarding the state’s immigration laws in the media are against them. The only exception being politicians and law enforcement officers. We’re certain that flame will continue to smolder in the state of Arizona for sometime to come. Most of the NFL is currently in mini-camp mode and getting ready for the season. Are you ready for some football?

“We’re in training camp now and everything (on defense) looks kind of the same and I always approach my off-season training the same way,” he said. “We brought in some good weapons. We brought in Dante Stallworth and Anquan Bouldin and so far, so good. Everybody looks good in May and June, but you gotta look good in October, November, December.”

No truer words have ever been spoken regarding professional football. Some of our more cynical readers may look at the fact that this big time pro athlete is talking to EURweb about his philanthropic endeavors as an attempt to clear up his image, and others still would questions why he’s talking to EURweb.com and has missed all of the voluntary mini-camps that other Ravens’ players have saw fit to go to. But T-Sizzle tells our reporter that he is trying to increase his productivity by decreasing his over all mass.

“I’m trying to cut weight. When I first got into the league I was a lean 260 and they asked me to bulk up so I could play more defensive end (as opposed to linebacker). But I think it’s better for me, I can be a faster more dominant player, and I can help my team more by being lighter. You can ask any offensive lineman that goes against me, I’m a very strong player and very strong against the run, but the extra weight has been taking away from my pass rushing. I’m just gonna loose this weight so I can go back to be being a very lean outside linebacker as opposed to being a very stout defensive end.”

We look forward to seeing Terrell Suggs grow as an individual on and off the field and wish him all the luck in the world this upcoming NFL season. After being slapped with a franchise tag by the Baltimore Ravens in 2008, and signing a $63 million contract shortly there after, Suggs productivity dipped slightly. We’re sure he’s out to prove detractors wrong and get back to the form that earned him Rookie of the Year in 2003