*Despite state and national calls for them to reconsider their proposals, ultra-conservative members on the State of Texas Board of Education last week approved (9-to-5) controversial changes to the social studies curriculum taught in the state’s schools.

Critics have labeled many of the changes “historically inaccurate” and even racist because they diminish both the importance of the Civil Rights Movement and the role of slavery in American history.

Among the most controversial changes are provisions which would largely eliminate the Civil Rights Movement from history textbooks.

Another provision would drop references to the slave trade and rename it the “Atlantic triangular trade.”

Further, the leader of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis would be treated equally with President Abraham Lincoln.

Also, the Civil War would no longer be treated as a war over the enslavement of Blacks but would be referred to as a battle over states’ rights. (Taylor Media Services – www.blacknewsjournal.net).