*Capitalism is the engine that drives the American dream. But what drives capitalism? The commandants of the corporate order, the barons of business and the monks of monetary mastery, that’s who.

The mainstream media has celebrated the achievements of, and reported on the missteps, of some of the most successful business minds in American history. But when it comes celebrating the business achievements of people of color, the media illuminati appears to only be concerned when the business model deals with some form of entertainment.

In other words, it seems as though the only time African-American and Latino businessmen and women are honored is when a ball or microphone in one form or another are involved. There are some notable publications that have been bringing the accomplishments of prominent African-American businessmen and women, Black Enterprise is an example of one such publication.

But who chronicles and celebrates the achievements of the modern business elite? That would be NV (New Vision in Business) Magazine.

Founded 11 years ago, by publisher and CEO Kyle Donovan, NV Magazine introduces the modern business elite to the masses in a manner that brings them out of the stuffy gray boardrooms and splashes them across the front cover of a well put together, vibrant magazine filled with vibrant content. Last week, EURweb.com/RadioScope was fortunate enough to be in the place for the 4th Annual NV Awards in New York City. After being turned away from the Hip-Hop Honors Show down on 34th, our fearless leader advised our resident New York City correspondent (yours truly) of a happening black-tie affair that was taking place not far away at the Times Center on 41st street! The affair, sponsored in part by Jaguar and Hennessey among others, was most certainly rated G.S.S. What, pray tell, is that? Why Grown, Sexy, Successful Swagger of course. We thought you knew? To be perfectly honest we initially weren’t aware of the magnitude of the swagger, but we were believers before it was over. At the 2010 NV Awards nominees were bestowed with awards in such categories as Technology, Fashion, Wall Street, Innovation, Community, Women In Business, Corporate and Vision.

Kyle Donovan, Publisher/CEO NV Magazine

Though the young publisher/CEO Kyle Donovan was extremely busy making sure the event went off without a hitch he did find a bit of time to speak of his brainchild and of its evolution.

“We started NV magazine 11 years ago and the NV awards were started 4 years ago,” Donovan told EURweb.com. We started (the awards) to pay homage to urban professionals and entrepreneurs. People at the top of their game that are making it do what it do.”

Publishing generally is not for the faint of heart. Better be prepared for a battle! But, surprisingly, Mr. Donovan told EURweb.com that it was a little easier than you might think. Having a strong belief in the validity of one’s mission is always good for any business.

“Believe it or not, it wasn’t hard (to start) at all. There’s a young breed of urban professionals making it happen in business and we need to recognize them, have to respect them and they’re a force to be reckoned with and NV acknowledges those people. Not only for their dreams and aspirations but more importantly for their vision.”

“We’re going to continue to build the awards,” said Kyle when asked the direction he’ll be taking NV Magazine. “I definitely think online is where it’s at. That’s why I continue to give big ups to EURweb.com. I follow them. We’re going to move to the web and still honor the best of the best there is in business.”

On that evening urban business professionals representing themselves, as well as brands that are household names, were the toast of the town. Hosted by Fubu co-founder Daymond John and statuesque and witty Jacque Reid of the D.L. Hughley Morning Show on 98.7 Kiss F.M. and “Let’s Talk About Pep,” who emceed the event with class. There was also a very special surprise, that opened the evening and closed the show. The Craig Lewis Band. These gentlemen were discovered by Tyler Perry on Youtube singing, of all things, the “Brady Bunch” theme song! And they rocked it! Expect to see big things from them in the future. In fact, a EURweb.com feature story is forthcoming.

The following is a brief run down of those the evening was truly meant to honor and what they were rewarded for:

Michael Johnson, owner of 1WORLD Digital, the world’s largest African American owned digital advertising firm with such clients as Lowe’s and NASCAR, received and award for technology. Juanita P. Due, Diversity Council Chairwoman for CNN, got the NV Corporate Award. Richard Dent III has to have one of the coolest jobs in the world. He is senior vice president and COO of Victoria Secret’s PINK line, helping the brand become a billion dollar earner. He received the NV Fashion Award and we’ll have more from our chat with him in a future edition of EURweb. D’Wayne Edwards, Design Director for the Jordan Brand, received an award for Innovation while Pharrell Williams and Mimi Valdes, former Editor-In-Chief of Vibe and Latina magazines, were honored with the NV Community/Civic Award. Kelli Coleman, vice-president of business development for GlobalHue, the largest multi-cultural advertising and marketing agency in the country, was given the NV Women In Business Award, Robert Marchman, executive vice-president in the New York Stock Exchange Regulation and head of the Regulatory Risk Group was bestowed the Wall Street Award by NV while political visionary Mayor Corey Booker of Newark was given the Vision Award. Jeff Friday, CEO of Film Life Inc was given an award for Entrepreneurship.

The event was flawlessly executed and is certain to evolve as each year passes. Stay tuned as we give some of the aforementioned award winners some love of our own in upcoming EURweb issues.  

For more, visit: www.nvmagazine.com