Colin Farrell in 'Ondine'

*Many associate Colin Farrell with films such as “Daredevil,” “S.W.A.T.,” “Miami Vice,” and “Phone Booth,” but one of his best performances is in “Hart’s War” where he defends Terrence Howard.

Like “Hart’s War,” his latest film is not a major big budget movie, but Farrell’s performance is top shelf. In “Ondine” he is a recovering alcoholic and catches a woman in his fishing net, which is enough to send him back to the bottle when he discovers she is alive.

There have been many stories about women from the sea with one of the most well known being “Splash” with Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah and a mermaid. So The Film Strip asks Farrell and writer/director Neil Jordan what makes their woman of the sea, Ondine (Alicja Bachleda), so special, as opposed to the one Johnny Depp discovers? “Ha! Johnny has a whole island,” Jordan laughs. “It’s the Irish legend. There’s this beautiful picture of the seal women who emerge from the sea and you fall in love with them and then the go back to the sea.”

Adding his take on the mysterious sea creature, Farrell points out that his character is dealing with a painful divorce and the loss of his recently deceased mother. “My character has stopped believing.  He’s someone that equates love to loss, in all aspects of his life. Besides his mother passing, his daughter is terminally ill. And he’s fine with that. There’s no kind of self-flagellating pity going on in his life. Then this woman comes in and she’s very different. By the mere nature of catching her in the fucking net it’s a little bit odd from the start. It’s not like he met her in a pub or over a nice portion of fish and chips at the local chip shop as so happens romantically in Ireland on Friday nights. This woman brings something into his life that he doesn’t quite comprehend or stop believing that he could comprehend. She represents that thing that transcends the drudgery of everyday existence and brings love into his life.”

Farrell’s notoriety stems not only from his drinking and profanity but his penchant for the ladies. He has a seven-year-old son with a model and a seven-month-old daughter with his “Ondine” co-star, Bachleda.

Jeff Bridges had much praise for Farrell in “Crazy Heart,” a film in which Farrell is not credited. When “Crazy Heart” director Scott Cooper was asked to explain why Farrell wasn’t credited, he said Farrell was one of the most humble, modest and intelligent people he has ever met and misrepresented in the press. Told to respond to Cooper’s comment, Farrell reacted with an uproarious laugh. “Scott doesn’t know me that well.

“And being misrepresented in the press, I don’t know. We all as human beings probably do a good job of misrepresenting ourselves a lot of the time. The press has got its space to fill. I’ve read some nasty, nasty things written about me. Neither of them really hold the essence of truth as I would like to ascribe my thoughts to.”

Watch the trailer for “Ondine”: