The Gadget Guy: Darryl Yates

*The past few months have been really interesting in the world of technology. If you have been living on the moon, Apple finally announced its new operating software, Google announced a slew of new devices that will probably take a big bite out of the big Apple itself, and AT&T just keeps using the fact that they have the iPhone exclusively for another year anyways, to jack up the rate plans on data.

About 3 months ago, in late March. Apple’s big wig, Steve Jobs announced iPhone 4.0, the operating system that would finally allow us to do the same thing with the iPhone that we have been doing with other phones for years, and all of the sudden he was deemed to be some type of religious deity. Then in April, Apple let the cat out of the bag, per say, by losing a prototype of the new iPhone which ironically found its way into the press by way of a stranger in a bar. Then someone, the house of the person that reported the story was raided by police, and several media outlets question the legality of the raid.

The new iPhone is a complete redesigned version of the iPhone 3G/3Gs, with a front facing camera, a sleeker aluminum body, a higher resolution camera, a flash, HD  screen resolution, bigger battery. You can check out that whole fiasco by clicking on this link:

Meanwhile back at the ranch, AT&T hit customers with some news yesterday that will certainly be an eye opener if you are planning to switch from Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint or if muscled up the couple hundred of dollars to buy and iPad. They are discontinuing the unlimited data plan. Yep, as of June 7th, if you change your plan, you will loose your “unlimited data privilege” for the data pro and the data plus plans. As Gizmodo points out on the following link, you will actually pay for per megabyte than what you used to pay. Also, AT&T has finally released tethering, meaning you can finally share the internet connecting between your iPhone and your computers, (a practice that all other carriers have had for at least a year), but it will cost you an extra 15.00 a month and you still can only have a 2GB limit that is shared, check out the following chart from Gizmodo’s Website:

Oh, and if you have an iPad, there will not be unlimited data anymore for you either, Apple made a big deal about the whole contract free and unlimited data for your iPhone for only 29.99. Yep, apparently that plan went out the window only two months after the illustrious device was released. Good job Apple & AT&T on the bait and switch. What a way to one two your customer.

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