*Right on the heels of the Apple’s iPhone 4, it seems as if Apple & AT&T’s biggest competitors, Google and Verizon, have pulled the curtain off of its newest prized possession; the Droid X.

Now just in case you’ve been sitting under a rock for the last couple of months, the original Droid was the first Android device to launch on Verizon’s dependable network that could directly compete with the iPhone.

Upon release, its main slogan was “Droid Does what the iPhone doesn’t.” Today Motorola and Verizon announced their plan to release the Droid X, Verizon’s competition to Sprint’s EVO and the iPhone into the market place.

Available in Mid-July, the Droid X does everything the first Droid does, without the use of the keyboard.  It has a 4.3-inch screen, the same as the EVO, and three microphones, which is an industry first. And it will offer tethering which is the ability to share your phone’s Internet connection with your laptop and computers, The tethering plan is also better than AT&T’s, up to 7GB for 49.99 and .05 for every megabyte used in addition with no cap. Sounds like the competition is getting fierce.

Popular tech website Engadget.com, who reviewed the phone first says “unlike the first Droid, this one has actually has physical buttons that can be pressed.” Engadget.com also made mention of the new version of Motorola’s Blur user interface,  and the newest “Swype” feature which allows the input of text by simply swiping the keyboard with one finger.

Another interesting thing to point out is that Android 2.2 called Frozen Yogurt, or FroYo for short, was released today to all of the manufacturers. It’s a little sad that this phone won’t ship with it, because it allows for a full mobile version of Flash, which is something that the iPhone will unfortunately never ever have.  But the head honchos said it would be available for the Droid X in late summer.

I have been personally fighting an internal battle between the iPhone and Android for the last couple of months.  While I can appreciate the ease of use of the iPhone, the Open sourced platform of the Android is very appealing to me.  Apple and AT&T seems to have a lot of restrictions with their flagship device, that while Android is less restrictive and does more…

One day I’ll make the switch. Or hopefully I’ll get a job at Google that will allow me to have both. For now the Droid X will be available for Verizon on July 15th for 199.00 with a two-year contract.

Check out the official press release by clicking the following link


Darryl Yates is freelance writer that writes for various publications. In addition to writing  he also owns and operates Gadget Guy Consulting, a technology based firm in Atlanta Ga. He enjoys educating people and help them sync technology with their lives.

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