*Wherever Omarosa Manigault seems to go there’s always something going down, sometimes for good and sometimes for … otherwise.  Aside from Donald Trump and Al B. Sure, “The Ultimate Merger” will feature many guest stars straight from the headlines. One of which is Karrine Steffens aka Superhead.

“Please don’t, for the sake of this conversation, call her that name,” said Ms. Manigault when we brought up her name. “She is a New York Times Best-selling author. She is a friend and you’d be surprised how spiritual she is. I had a chance to visit with her, and her son and we talked about her relationship with Christ. You can’t believe everything you see on television or believe everything you read in a book. I would say that this is a woman who has been to hell and back. I think that the best way to test people is to put temptation in front of them. Here are 12 men competing to be the object of a beautiful woman’s desires and the best way to test those men is to put temptation in front of them. Karrine came on the show to see how these guys would react and to see whether they would fall for temptation, the ultimate temptation. She oozes sex appeal. She is the Queen of Seduction. She really does put them through the ringer.”

She jumped on us as if we were the ones that gave Ms. Steffens the name Superhead. No sir, that’s a self given moniker. But we can understand how she wouldn’t want to hear that name mentioned regarding someone she considers a friend. Others don’t want to hear that name either. In fact, they don’t even want to see her face on “The Ultimate Merger.”

“I got a lot of letters from the community that saw ‘How dare you put Superhead’ as you call her ‘on your show?’ (As we call her? No, as she calls herself!) Now that you’re in a relationship with Christ you can’t associate with people like that anymore,” said Omarosa, currently studying for the ministry, with obvious disdain in her voice. “Christ didn’t choose people who had no sin and no imperfections. He chose people who were the least among those to whom he delivered his word. I’m being taken to task for having her on the show and I will stand and defend that decision until the end. I’m not surprised, but then I am surprised that people who call themselves Christians would be so judgmental. She comes on the show for a purpose and she, on this particular episode, is there to weed out some of the bad. I can tell you this, Karrine can make men do things that no other woman can do. I mean, she had these guys on their knees, no pun intended.”

Karrine Steffens being on the show is an obvious set up. Are some of these dudes on “The Ultimate Merger” so stupid as to fall for that one? Have they not seen the myriad of reality dating shows that have used this same tactic?  We guess it’s kind of like the fly that constantly keeps flying into the bug-zapper after JUST WATCHING the fly before meet his fate doing the exact same thing?  Tune in Thursdays to TV One for more of “Donald Trump Presents: The Ulitmate Merger.”