Earl Ofari Hutchinson

*The clerk at my local post office was absolutely apoplectic at the site of the motley group of young African-American political canvassers that had set up their literature table on the sidewalk in front of her station. She raged loudly to me that she would call the police and have them carted away.

The trigger for her rage was the big emblazoned photo on the top and side of their table with a picture of President Obama captioned “Impeach Him Now!”

The clerk was African-American and nearly all the patrons in the station were African-American. They nodded their heads in assent at the clerk’s loud threat to have the group arrested. Their pitch to other African-Americans to impeach Obama seemed bizarre, if not outright dangerous. But confrontation and danger is nothing new for them. They were members of the Lyndon LaRouche Youth Movement. This is an offshoot of the equally bizarre, Lyndon LaRouche political organization founded by the group’s patron guru, Lyndon LaRouche. The LaRouche movement is known and condemned as a clownish collection of kooks, cranks, and oddballs who spout near paranoid, conspiracy theories on globalism, one world domination, and secret mind control manipulation by a cabal of global corporate leaders. LaRouche has also been tagged as anti-Semitic, racist, and sexist. He and his supporters vehemently deny this, but tidbits of dubious statements on race, Jews, and women are sprinkled through his voluminous writings.

LaRouche’s positions on some major issues certainly border on the repulsive and farcical. He calls for a military buildup to prepare for imminent nuclear war, the colonization of Mars by 2025, the screening and quarantine of all AIDS patients, and he opposes environmentalism, HMOs, gay rights, abortion, and nuclear disarmament.

Now enter LaRouche adherent Kesha Rogers. Her jolting congressional win in the Texas Democratic primary has made her a national figure, and casts a fresh eye on LaRouche’s philosophy. Her win was even more eye catching in that the seat she seeks in the 22nd Congressional District was once held by disgraced former House Republican Majority Leader Tom DeLay. The possibility that a Democratic has a fighting chance at … (READ MORE HERE.)


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