*In 2004 Omarosa Manigult was thrust upon the scene as the villainess on the now defunct reality television show “The Apprentice” starring the man whose toupee is as bad as his assets are fat, Donald J. Trump.

She has appeared on “The Apprentice” twice and has gone on to appear on nearly 20 reality TV shows; “Fear Factor,” “Girls Behaving Badly” and “The Surreal Life,” just to name a few.

It seemed like everywhere Ms. Manigult went there was controversy. From “The Oprah Winfrey Show” to “The Wendy Williams Show” on which she and Ms. Williams exchanged catty remarks and insults. So now we hear that Omarosa is studying to become a minister and has a new reality show titled “Donald Trump Presents: The Ultimate Merger” Thursday nights at 9pm on TV One.

Now, we have to stop and ask ourselves ‘What part of the game is this?’ Well, luckily, she was able to give us some idea when our Lee Bailey had the chance to speak with her recently.

“I’ve been studying at the United Theological Seminary,” said Omarosa. “Did two semesters under the tutelage Dr. H. Feature Hicks. As you know I was a Garden of Peace fellow and I had a opportunity to travel to New Orleans for the Garden of Peace Distinguished Preacher Series in the last month of my seminary, which was about a month ago. It was just an amazing, harrowing experience. I really did enjoy it. I’ve got two more years left. I’m not even at the midway point yet.”

From she-devil of reality television to the Ultimate Minister? Sounds almost scripted, but then again life’s cards fall that way sometimes. But how does one make time to appear on television and study the Word of God? You would think that one or the other is not getting Omarosa’s undivided attention at any given point.

“Reality series are taped two or three weeks at a time or a month at a time,” she said. “So, this was taped last year in the fall. I had previously been contracted to do several reality shows. I had to take a few courses online and submitted my assignments early or do extra credit. I am fortunate enough to be working with an institution that supports my career as well as the work that I want to do for Christ. The semester actually ended in April and we won’t go back again until August. But I won’t be sitting around all summer. This summer I will be teaching an executive education course at Howard University. In addition, I will be lecturing at two other places. So, I’m going to keep busy during the summer.”

Whether you like Omarosa Manigult or not, and despite all her prior negative press, you would have thought she was slightly above a dating show. But you would have thought wrong.

“The premise is really taking a serious approach to women and dating,” Ms. Manigult told EURweb.com. “Donald Trump, who has been an incredible mentor and friend, has actually been helping me get my life together. If you remember the first season of ‘The Apprentice’ he was tough on me! Tougher on me than everybody else. I never really understood that. He just wanted me to be my best. He’s helping me out so much. He’s helping me find love with this show, to be working with him again in the business arena, to be partnering with him again in the entertainment arena with this show on TV One, has been such a blessing. I’ve learned so much from him during this show.”

It is indeed fortunate for anyone to have the chance to pick Trump’s brain on a seemingly regular basis. It seems as though every time you turn around Omarosa and The Donald are engaged in an endeavor of some sort. But seriously, when word of Omarosa and Trump being involved in a dating show first broke 2 years ago we had that “say what?” look on our faces. But she says the show has Donald’s fingerprints all over it.

“The premise really is taking a serious approach to relationships. Sometimes you watch a show like this and it’s all romance and kind of fairy tales,” said Omarosa. “This show starts out in a real state, in an authentic state. Most marriages don’t succeed and end up in divorce because people don’t go through the basic steps. We start out with the relationship process in the boardroom. We start out with a prenuptial, we start out talking about all the strong things that we think a good relationship should be. That’s why most marriages end up in divorce because people don’t start out with the basic stuff. We did it the Trump way and that’s certainly not the way that I did it before when I was married. Seeing as how it ended up the first time I figured we may need to try another approach. The Trump way.”

The Trump way to marriage? Shouldn’t he be the last person you listen to for marital advice? After all he’s been married like ten times? Well, we supposed he has enough experience in that field to be of some use on a dating show after all. And how successful was Omarosa’s merger? She would not mention the who, but she did mention the what.

“I found love, that I can tell you. I did! I fell in love,” she gushed with school girl glee. “I found love throughout the process, afterwards and currently. Yeah! I could close my eyes and picture myself being with anyone of them. They’re all intelligent, handsome men who have a relationship with Christ. They were all great guys.”

Since the show was taped during the fall it must have been hard to not be seen with your “love.” Especially when you have some level of celebrity status.

“Part of the contractual agreement when you do a show like this is you and the person that you choose cannot be seen together until the show ends,” she said. “That’s the hardest part about this type of thing, even though I did go see him and his family during the holidays. We taped around October, early November. We can talk, and we try to be discreet if we go see each other. If it’s meant to be then it will last, if not then it won’t. I was looking for the candidate to fit into my hectic world.”

Though she would be instantly struck by a Trump-branded lightening bolt should she dare divulge the identity of the show’s eventual winner, or loser, depending upon your perspective, Omarosa did have this to say about one of the show’s more famous participants.

“As you know, Al B. Sure is on my show and he has a huge female following, a couple of ex-wives and a couple high-profile relationships. That, in itself, could get to be a little complicated. But he comes from the music industry where you have be aggressive and assertive and you have to be able to reinvent yourself. Plus, Donald likes him a lot and Donald doesn’t like anybody. The fact that he likes Al B., to me, is very interesting.”

As the interview went on we couldn’t help but get the feeling Donald Trump had become her surrogate daddy. It’s all good to show love and all, but sheesh.

Will Omarosa have Donald Trump walk her down the aisle as her marriage to whoever the lucky guy she chose? Tune in Thursday nights at 9pm on TV One and find out.