Screenshot of video taken during 7.0 Haitian earthquake inside Presidential Palace

*The Haitian government has released an incredible video taken from the closed-circuit security cameras in the Presidential Palace in Port-au-Prince.

It shows people desperately looking for cover as the palace crumbles and collapses around them:

If watching it isn’t enough remind you of the enormity of the situation, these statistics, via,  should:

Two months after more than 140 nations pledged $5.3 billion toward Haiti’s reconstruction over the next two years and $9.9 billion over the next decade, little of the money has arrived.

So far, only Brazil has actually delivered -it wrote a check for $55 million.

Meanwhile, more than 1.5 million Haitians remain under tents and tarps as the government struggles with a budget deficit, and opposition and frustration over a lack of progress.