*I sat on the deck of the Holly Terrace today
Where a very special friend inside its dwelling lay
In my silent commune, I wondered if he knew I was there  
Then, in an instant, the sun shone brighter and the trees swayed stronger
Still unconvinced, I pressed further
“I am everywhere now,” said his voice
“I am in the sway of the trees, the brightness of the sun
I am in the movement of the small red flags you see right here at the edge of the road
I am in the blades of grass”

A couple appears
A man and his woman
They see me as they approach with nervous giggles
And attempt to peek through the dark glass that protects you from peering eyes
They are unable to hear you
They strain to see where you are
Shielding the sun from their eyes peripheral
Unsuccessful, they turn to their camera instead
He snaps her picture as she smiles and poses on the veranda
Directly beneath the words “Holly Terrace”

I sit in silent indignation as they walk away, arm in arm
How must it feel to be so unaffected?  
After all, I suspect the subject of their visit is no different from mine
Just the intent, I suppose

It is quiet again
And my thoughts have once more turned to you
I feel a sense of selfish gratuity, to be with you in the quiet of this place right now
Not unlike the three small, lonely flowers, so delicately placed, outside the entrance doorway
I am coming to terms with the fact that you are no longer here

In a few short weeks, the peace of this place where I sit will be transformed
By the synergy of thousands who will lovingly descend upon it
Each one of them, in their own ways, attempting to come to terms with your absence
Being together with like-minded souls may somehow make it easier
Until they go home, alone and watch the news

I know that I will visit with you again, my friend
It is not easy to walk away today
The serenity and beauty of the land makes me want to stay
But the realities of my ongoing life is pulling me away
It is ironic, is it not, that in life you were so far away
But now, in death, you reside close by
I will walk this way again…soon.

-DeBorah B. Pryor