Barry Bonds


An urge to get away prompts you to pack the bags and head out onto the open road. If you want good dates to trash your responsibilities, take the 20th through the 22nd, and then resume your quest to conquer personal goals on the 23rd. By the Full Moon of the 25th, you’ll know where you are headed and should be well-armed for the challenges that arise from those jealous of your progress.


Last week, I talked about communications. You have the 20th and the 21st to get your message out before the meaning gets too above others’ heads for them to thoroughly understand. Once the Sun enters flamboyant Leo on the 22nd, be on the lookout for con artists hawking snake oil. The package may look dazzling, but the end product falls far short of its implied promise.


You are at the heights of your verbal skills throughout most of this forecast period; words suddenly carry more weight with others. You won’t realize their impact until the secret is out and you see just how much on the 23rd and 24th. The 21st and 22nd are moody days, but with the Leo Sun helping you, stand tall about your wishes and don’t back off on your reasonable demands.


Well, the ride was fun, but the Crab must move on to rake in the fruits of success nurtured over the past month. You feel the impact from the 22nd on, as the fire is lit to truly improve your financial status. But when the Moon is in Capricorn from the 23rd to the 24th, study up on a tempting offer that has the potential for long-term success.


Now that the Sun-your ruler-enters your sign on the 22nd, the world is literally yours. Flex your muscles by tapping into your natural leadership abilities, especially on the 23rd and 24th, when business takes over and you tap into reserves that will enhance your position. By the Full Moon of the 25th, you will find where you stand. Enjoy the attention – a thing Leos never have a problem with.


A forecast that brings good news is always welcome, and this period is rather fruitful for the usually penurious Virgo. Burdens seem to lift and you move with a freedom that has not been around for the past two and a half years. A shift in financial matters on the 21st brings responsibilities into sharp focus. You stand a chance to change minds and make a difference with the Full Moon on the 25th.  


Life gets a little more serious and concrete from the 21st on, as burdens on the Scales may feel tipped in others’ favor. Weather the storm, for it will be around for quite some time. The lesson is in bonding with others and getting along while trying to carry the load alone. Share your wisdom and stride confidently toward your goals. You will be so focused that you will amaze yourself more than others.


With a sudden shift to your career goals, dig deep into that considerable well of stamina. As with Libra, you are now in a position where skills need to be sharp, as you are now responsible for the way you shaped your life to this point. Past decisions have affected your status in life, and you can see the reason others have been lenient with you. Time is now to show off and strut yourself in front of key people.


You are heavily invested in yourself on the 21st and 22nd, but be aware of misunderstandings on that second date. Steady hands steer the course with a touch of flare. It’s all business on the 23rd and 24th, days that you need to bring your “A” game before the Full Moon on the 25th shows your intentions. Take the remainder of the forecast period to state you very unusual request; it will be well-received.


This forecast period is as tumultuous as one can get, as planets change signs and rock your usually steady world, much to your dislike. However, those changes, especially on the 21st and the 25th, impact your finances directly. So, if you have been paying attention to those very matters, which you actually will be doing on the 23rd and 24th, you’ll be alright. Cash comes in – and out – on the 26th.


The public finds out about your considerable talents on the 22nd, but the spotlight shines brightly with the Full Moon in your sign on the 25th. The after-effects radiate to the end of the forecast, but you will know in advance – especially from the 21st to the24th, when contemplation may make you long for past peace and tranquility.


Hidden abilities are revealed on the 22nd, when thoughts turn to how loudly you want to express yourself. You’ve always had a dramatic bent that usually spices up conversations when least expected, but now the chance comes to let it all hang out. You’ll feel the tug strongest on the 25th, when the Full Moon has the dual whammy of keeping you up late, but you love the creative thoughts that pour out.

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAY: Barry Bonds – Born July 24, 1964

Born with the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius, Barry Bonds would have been huge (no pun intended) in whatever field he chose.

A Full Moon was in effect that day; an aspect that virtually guarantees some sort of public presence, but with this particular Sun/Moon combination, showiness is an integral element. Add Mercury in his Leo sign, and you have a celebrity who thinks of himself first and others later. Mars and Venus in Gemini also bring about plentiful chances for romance, as well as an air of intelligence that few are allowed to see.

With a harsh 90 degree aspect from Saturn in Pisces to those Gemini planets, Mr. Bonds is ultra-sensitive and moody, especially when one looks at a severe Saturn opposition to Uranus in Virgo. The workplace is usually topsy-turvy with such an aspect, and flashes of great earnings consolidate his finances to the point of dizziness with mighty Jupiter in materialistic Taurus giving its all.

Neptune in Scorpio gives Mr. Bonds a swagger that accentuates his Leo Sun, as witnessed by the pose he struck after one of his mighty home runs for the Pittsburgh Pirates and, later, the San Francisco Giants.

With a finely balanced combination of Air, Water, Earth and Fire throughout his horoscope, Barry Bonds is far more secure within himself than others may prefer, but with the hot light of Major League Baseball and its millions of rabid fans watching him set record after record, one can excuse Mr. Bonds for wanting to keep to himself and drift into retirement without fanfare.