Astrological elements favor a smooth forecast, especially if the Ram is into speculation. Taking chances benefits you, especially over the weekend, when you are fueled by personal gains. Plan to solidify whatever you are doing on the 31st, when celestial forces demand you pay attention to the fine print. The following days, the 1st and 2nd, will reveal where your material values lie.


Did you pay attention to last week’s cautionary warning? Well, a little tidbit reminder comes through on the 27th, but will fully be revealed on the 1st, when the Moon is in your sign, displaying all your strengths and weaknesses. Before that date, you will have “post-it” nudges that light your imagination, urging you to fan the fires of creativity. You have the energy, and once you get going – sky’s the limit.


Your forecast begins with Mercury entering the critical and analytical sign of Virgo. Since this planet of communication rules both Virgo and Gemini, expect a busier than usual appointment book, not to mention a literal dress-down of the way you mesh with others, most likely on the 28th through the 30th. However, there are plenty of solar aspects that point to extraordinary creativity that soften blows to your ego.


Interesting financial benefits beckon the Crab to hear all appropriate offers. You are owed big favors, and you stand to cash in, but difficulties in re-establishing old contacts may prove to be a stumbling block. With fiery Mars entering the zodiacal sector that rules your home on the 29th, expect fireworks that may appear to be incendiary, most especially on the 30th when sensitivity will be sorely tested.


You are now obsessed over money, specifically on the 27th, and the particular ways you can wrestle it from others. The tension heightens through the middle of the 29th, when you have to shake the money tree furiously to get what is rightfully yours. Keep your cool on that date, as aspects show distinct possibilities for misunderstandings. Use the weekend to plot your course, then move ahead steadily.


Your thought processes should be on automatic beginning on the 27th and well past this forecast, as Mercury, your ruler promotes self obsession and examination. Money is a sensitive topic, one that needs your attention, likely beginning on the 29th. It’s not necessarily negative, but you WILL be involved in creating financial space. Look at your immediate environment for inspiration and creativity.


There are several, very intense, aspects that directly affect Libra this period. Contentious Mars enters your sign on the 29th, making you ultra sensitive about what others think about you. You will get a signal as to its intensity on the 31st when Mars conjoins Saturn, also in Libra, and both opposing Jupiter and Uranus in Aries, signaling sudden, seismic changes. Keep your cool and keep healthy, both physically and mentally.


Career shifts are normal, but this is ridiculously large, as Scorpio gets loud and clear signals that it is definitely time for a change. Positive vibes on the 27th from a surprising source point you in a different and sexy direction, which becomes concrete through the 29th and 31st. By the 2nd, you will know for sure how much of a commitment you need to make. The decision you make is long lasting that day.


You may feel chaotic, especially if you are the impulsive type. There are so many opportunities for advancement, especially on the 30th and 31st, when aspects force you to think seriously on a subject – or person – that may not seem that important in the grand Sagittarius scheme. Travel is almost a given, but you may also just be thinking of getting as far away as possible from the craziness of the world.


Bring a sense of authority and confidence to whatever relationship you are currently in. Your words of wisdom, especially when dispensed on the 28th and 29th, carry much needed weight, so choose them wisely. Things around the home are testy, especially over the weekend. Expect challenges during that time, as ground-shaking aspects are virtually guaranteed to rock your normally peaceful world.


Your forecast period begins with the Moon in your sign on the 27th. Self-examination then melds into creative ways to increase your income. Try listening to your psychic impressions – aka, dreams. Also, try a broader means of communications, as aspects literally force others to listen to you this time. It doesn’t matter if you are forced to shout; you will be louder than anyone in the vicinity.


Work, work and more work occupy your time, and if you need to increase finances, you only need to put it out to the universe and your wish will be granted. This is not mumbo-jumbo, as you will find out when gusher after gusher of wealth pour into your coffers, especially from the 29th to the 31st. Are there others involved in your grand scheme? Trust them, especially if they offer ideas out of the ordinary.

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAY: SoulJa Boy – Born July 28, 1990

Born with the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Libra, rapper Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em (aka DeAndre Cortez Way) has an innate sense of who he is, and more importantly, what his audience craves.

This aspect also signifies a need to keep the peace in most situations. Our Leo subject, because of a grouping of planets in wise, older-than-its-age Capricorn, has a built-in business sense that gives him an advantage over much of his competition.

This (stern) Saturn, (dreamy and intuitive) Neptune and (future-looking) Uranus – conjunction enables Soulja Boy to map out a future that eerily sees far ahead of others.

Indeed, Soulja Boy is one of the first rappers to embrace the technology of his generation and relies on such devices as the Internet, ringtones, and instant messaging to get his music to the masses. Of course, having Jupiter and Venus in Cancer – opposite those three planets in Capricorn – allows his trusting audience to embrace whatever project he so desires to impart. Mars in Taurus bestows a drive to accumulate wealth, an aspect bolstered by a very positive connection from earthy Taurus to earthy Capricorn.

With Mars in Taurus, stubbornness, especially in his thinking process (with communicative Mercury aligned with his showy Leo Sun) may be a trait that others might look to as a fault, but in reality, Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em just seems to know where he is going in life.

We most definitely will continue to hear from this rapper – love him or hate him – as he points out the future of rap and an entire generation.