(Not actual Indian couple referred to/heard in the skit)

*Imagine this scene. You’re a married man from India living in the US for three years and you get a phone call telling you that you just won tickets to see Beyonce who just happens to your favorite fantasy, er, entertainer.

The voice on the other end asks who would you like to take to the show and you say “Nykki.” When asked why, you say it’s because of the great “buddah call.” (Think about it. You already know what a “buddah call” is.)

Anyway, now Mr. Married Man from India just stepped into a big pile of caca ’cause the caller is actually a morning show DJ doing his”I Knew You Was a Snake” bit and Mr. Married Man from India’s wife is also on the line listening in. Uh oh.

Needless to say this throwback bit from 2007 gets even more interesting from here on out. In fact, it’s still hella hilarious. Listen: