*Mary J. Blige says she has proof that she was indeed accepted into Howard University, even though the school itself claims her recent announcements about joining the Class of 2014 are not true.

The confusion started last week when Blige, on two separate occassions, said she had earned her G.E.D. in New York and was accepted into Howard University.

But, Howard told the Washington Post that Mary jumped the gun, and was not accepted into the school.

Yesterday, US Weekly tried to clear things up by talking to Blige’s representative, who said that Howard approached the singer to apply, but Mary would not be attending.

Adding to the confusion, Blige contradicted her own rep and tweeted yesterday: “For those of u that who think I would lie about being accepted in2 Howard, I have all the proof and the acceptance letter.”

She also tweeted: “Oh and my diploma sits in my living room next to the acceptance letter, that I framed! I’m proud of my self, I should be at this point!”

The ball is now back in Howard’s court. They have yet to comment on the tweets.