*Chicago, IL — History, power, rejection, betrayal, animosity, White House politics, financial meltdown and more are fascinatingly interwoven into this political fiction Going through the Changes: In the Age of Obama.

From prolific author Tyrone Galtney, this is another ground breaking political book that will leave you in shock and awe. When Weapons of Massive Politics (WMP) are released on every day citizens in America, it will keep readers riveted from the first to the last page.

Readers are introduced to characters Dre’ and Ashley, two young adults who meet during his last year in college as she becomes pregnant. With no money or no job, there is only one place for them to turn to – the White House.

Dre’ has sworn to graduate from college to his mother just before her untimely death in public housing, and Ashley will stop at nothing to help him in landing his lifelong dream of working in the White House.

Soon enough, Dre’ is hired as a White House senior assistant, and Ashley becomes an inspiring White House liaison, and they both have to match wits with some of the smartest people in the White House. However, little did they know that landing a job in the Obama Administration would bring jealousy, envy, conspiracy, and treachery right to their front door in their White House quarters. One top level official will stop at nothing to tear their family apart and get them kicked out of the historical Obama Administration.

Going through the Changes: In the Age of Obama is a full and rich story of gut-wrenching politics, treachery, inside betrayal, historical facts and terrorism. This one-of-a-kind fictional book is available for online purchase at: www.wix.com/tyrone007/IntheAgeofObama

Galtney invites readers to read this thrilling story which could have easily come from today’s newspaper headline, and decide what they would do in this kind of circumstance.

About the Author
Tyrone Galtney is a former community activist with 20 year experience of fighting for the poor on the Southside of Chicago where President Barack Obama had his schooling in politics. He double-majored in political science and criminal justice at Northeastern Illinois University and is a certified urban planner and developer from U.I.C.’s School of Great Cities.

About the Book
“Going through the Changes: In the Age of Obama”
Publication Date: June 26, 2010
Trade Paperback: $15.99
526 pages
ISBN: 13: 978-1-4507-1841-7

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Tyrone Galtney
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