*Color Me Badd’s Bryan Abrams released a statement refuting reports that he abused his wife and was arrested for domestic assault last week in Honolulu.

“I did not hit my wife,” said Abrams. “Reports of me abusing my wife while on tour in Hawaii are highly exaggerated and incorrect. I’ve learned from past mistakes and would never lay hands on my wife in anger.”

Abrams further explains, “We were rushing around, trying to get ourselves, our two toddlers, my mother-in-law and all our stuff packed up to go home. We were running late, feeling pressured. We had a disagreement. And, I am a singer — I can get loud. But I did not strike Kim.”

Kimberly Abrams states that she did not press charges against her husband because no assault took place.

“Our trip to Hawaii was amazing but overwhelming,” she explains. “Coordinating a family that includes small children in an entertainment atmosphere can be stressful and very complicated. And when these two worlds collide, it can sometimes result in an unfortunate incident such as this. By the time we were ready to leave, everyone was spread entirely too thin. We had a conflict, yes, but Bryan did not hit me or assault me in any way.”

Abrams added, “I am so sorry to involve my wife and family in this mess because of my inappropriate reactions to stress. I also apologize to the guests and staff of the hotel in Waikiki where we stayed.”